So we’ve been to see the doctor and well, last week Honey Bear was 2.7kg and I was thinking that’s great, she seems on track and I think I’ll help myself to some durian…. she hit 3.5kg yesterday and I only put on 0.6kg the math does not make sense, argh. The good news is that all of the husband’s begging her to help out with the placenta seems to have worked. ahaha. I kid you not, she’s been moving and kicking up a storm the last week and the placenta is now 5.5cm up which means we’re good for a natural birth… IF SHE DOESN’T GET MUCH BIGGER AND RIPS ME APART.

So I’ve switched gears …go natural and get ready for it! Found this video on squats CLICK, I squat all the time, to pick up dog poo, get things off the floor etc, but this was like body pump, blah.

This morning was dedicated to getting groomed – waxed, eyebrows threaded and my toes done. Yes, I’m vain.

What else… we need to get the cot setup tomorrow, some pictures up in her corner and decide on a body lotion… I know..what’s up with the lotion… I can’t decide!! Go natural and super expensive or just go with J&J and if she has a reaction then we get the expensive stuff? Seriously, J&J worked for us…

Anyways, any day now but I’m not in the least bit dilated, no contractions at all. She seems pleased in her tiny, 6 star accommodation.


4 thoughts on “Update

  1. congrats! waiting for the gd news.. ur loots (some of my preggers shorts n dresses which i think would be useful for post partum + some bb wear) r in my ils.. trev cant decide on when to pass to u.. keep saying that allen is not free during weekends zzz…..

  2. Almost there now! Sending much love and good birthing thoughts your way 🙂

    PS. I did a full brazillian just before the birth and I found it really made things easier/more hygienic. Hurts like a bitch but worth it if you have to get the stitches, etc later on!

    So so glad I waxed my legs, armpits, did a pedi etcetera too coz I really have no time to bother about them now!

  3. I can’t deal with a full Brazilian, I got the 3X and I must get my legs done soon! Argh.

    Take care of yourself and hope to catch up soon!!

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