When I dream about the baby, it always minus the birthing bit, most likely it’s because I haven’t a clue what it feels like, I don’t think the many stories you read or watch really prepares you. Usually, in my dreams, I’ve had a 4 year old and then a 2 year old girl and I always wonder why I missed the bit from birth till that certain age and it’s always been disturbing, like a whole chunk is missing.

BUT, nothing and I mean NOTHING prepared me for the nightmare I had last night. I dreamed that I was in bed and there was a kid crying in the background and again… no birthing bit, but I felt my tummy and I had a c-section, in my dream it made sense, GA… a blackout… whatever. So I got up and looked at my ‘baby’… it was huge, had heavily muscled arms and legs and generally ugly. I was like… ok… crap, maybe she’ll shrink to a normal size soon. Then my parents insist we have a party and I’m like I really don’t want anyone seeing this baby, not yet! They ignore me and at the party the kid is even bigger and looks like… GET THIS…. she looks like CARROT TOP. I don’t know if I should cry at this point or laugh. I’ve always thought if you look up ugly online, you’d see a picture of Carrot Top, he’s a bit of a freak, an ass and so not funny… so this really was a nightmare. Woke up at this point, tummy’s still intact, decided that neither R or myself have red hair, so we’re safe. 😦 Still SCARY!!


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