Push Gift

After reading Flo’s latest update, I started thinking about a push gift again. I love the very idea of doing something and getting a lil gift at the end of it. Yes, yes the baby should be a gift enough *raises an eyebrow* but it’s always nice to have a lil something extra.

The problem is I can’t decide… there’s the girlie girl in me who wants to scream DIAMONDS but fact is that I hardly wear those I already have, I much prefer funky pieces of “crap” (according to the husband) that I find online, at Little India or while travelling. Then there’s a bigger, better, heavier camera, but so far the D40x and the G10 are serving me very well, I actually know I haven’t done them justice (the planned baby’s 365 series I wanna do will change things). Maybe a KitchenAid but urgh, so 50s housewife. Another watch but the husband gets so anal about the watches, it’s hard for me to deal with it, I’m terrified when I scratch it and I’m rough like that :(.  OOOO, maybe a large watch with diamonds, swoon. A dryer for our own place but I’ve done some research and well, it’s not very green is it. Sigh. Maybe, just a weight lost programme if I don’t get slim enough fast enough? December IS just around the corner. Stress.


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