Week 40

Yesterday was my due date, it came and went without a contraction, a blood spot or a cramp. Sigh. I only put on 200g and the baby decided to suck up my fat reserves… I know WHAT!?! They can’t even be sure how big she is!! Between 3.57kg to 4kg, sigh, all my nights of going to sleep hungry *hmph*. Dr Khi strongly suggest an induction :(. I’m not pleased, but as much as I want an all natural birth, the baby will be safer out in the open before my placenta ages (I know WHAT!?!), before she gets any bigger, because I really don’t want a c-sect and am still 0 cm dilated.

As of now, we’ve decided to go in to the doctor’s office tomorrow (Thurs) morning to start the process, so I might have a darling baby girl by the weekend or knowing my stubborn body, I might just get dilated and have to go home and wait it out a few more days. Lovely.

I am sick of being this heavy, I can’t wait to start running again. When I got pregnant I was at my peak, it wasn’t a fantastic peak but it was my own personal best. I can’t wait to get back to it and better (which will be interesting with a kid in tow).

Now for peektures of where Honey Bear will be sleeping for the first 3 months or so.

Her lil part of the room, I can’t wait to move and she’ll have her own room!

First Art Prints

Her first set of whimsical art prints from Circles and Squares

First Friend, Barry the Elephant

Her first elephant from her Mom & Dad, Barry and his Blanket.


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