The Birth Story

Just a quick update, blogging at the hospital while the nurses take care of my lil bundle of joy.

Arrival – 4 Sept
Weight – 3.46kg
Length – 51cm

Was induced on the 3 of Sept because she was past her due date and the doctor was worried she’d be too big for me to have naturally. So I saw the Dr Khi at 10am, went shopping (not the best idea), had a great Japanese lunch (chewing between contractions), then back to the doctors, still not dilated at all, even when the contraction were 5/6 mins apart. Sent home to wait, at 9pm, the husband insist we head to the hospital.

Contractions every 2 mins and I’m 1cm dilated at around 11pm. At 2.06am, my waterbag burst (finally) and whoa what a gush, 3cm dilated! Everything is kind of a haze from then on because the only thing keeping me sane is the ‘laughing gas’ (like having a GREAT SHEESHA SESSION!!) , you can feel everything but you’re kinda above it all. At around 4am, I don’t think I opened my eyes till she was born… I remember thinking 1. Never again 2. What was I thinking? 3. Why did I agree to get induced? 4. God invented pain relief for a reason! And no, I never thought I was gonna kill R for doing this to me.

Through the haze of pain and Nitrous Oxide, my husband was by my side reminding me to breathe, rubbing my back, making sure the baby was ok (heart rate etc), talking to the nurses, it was lovely to just close my eyes, focus on one voice and just do what had to be done. He says he’s super proud of me but frankly I don’t think I could have done it without him by my side.

By 6am, I was in agony and I just wanted the pain to end! Please let me push already. At 7.50am, I saw some long and purple-ish thing get put on my chest (took me a second to realise it was my daughter), I saw the husband cut her cord and then go shutter happy.

By 8.30am, my parents were in the delivery room with us. I wasn’t in pain anymore (the human body is an amazing thing). Had a shower by 2pm. Am healing well, and I’m glad I gave birth naturally but I do know I should have had an epi since I was getting induced, but the healing process has been great so far. Just feels like I’ve been to an amazing rock concert where I head banged too much so my neck hurts and so do my arms (from gripping the bed rails too hard and for hours). 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Birth Story

  1. Congratulation. Motherhood is amazing. You will definately enjoy it as you see your little one growing everyday.

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