OHMGAWD… I need sleep. Monday morning was BAD, all RyBear (which is what the husband is calling her now) wants to do is drink… I mean 1.5 hours OK and she cried like crazy when I put her down. Managed to get about 3.5/ 4 hours of sleep. Really wanted a nap but the massage lady was on her way, then I had lunch. Woke her up to feed her and again a 1.5 hour marathon feed, my nipples are sore and I was falling asleep while feeding her.

My Mommy to the rescue! Oh thank heavens. She helped me shower Rylen and put her back to sleep. Then strictly said no more than 30 to 35 mins a feed and it might mean that someone else needs to put her to sleep after, cos all I smell like is food :(. It’s a challenge cos RyBear is slightly jaundiced, will try and see her doctor tomorrow (I hope). She was fine in the hospital, but the doctor said more feedings and some water, I need SUN darn it.

The Dummy, I’m giving in, I’m gonna let her have it, I have two and I told the husband we can only use it twice a day. I don’t like  the idea but really, I was worried about teeth issues till the MIL commented that R used the pacifier and the dude has bloody straight teeth, so, decision made.

That’s it for now, feeding time.

2 thoughts on “@home

  1. Hahaha, despite our best intentions, we also caved and used the pacifier on our first night home when Sean wouldn’t stop fussing!!! He didn’t take to it though – he has no idea how to suck on it 😉

    Hang in there – both baby and you will fall into some sort of a comfortable routine soon!

  2. Yeah, she’s not keen on hers either… she seems to only take it when the MIL gives it to her, so strange.

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