I got my Belly Bandit in the mail today from Pupsik and I hope it works, I can’t stand looking at my tummy. The massage lady helped loads for sure but I’m ashamed to say I just couldn’t stand to keep her binding overnight, I can’t sleep without a shower, I tried for a night and SHUDDER, GROSS. I’m also super hungry, it’s a boob thing. I’m just waiting for the ok from the doctor to start running again but I’m gonna join a gym or some exercise class next month, still deciding.

Anyways, I promise photos of RyBear will be up soon.


3 thoughts on “Bandit

  1. Hey there.How did the Belly Bandit work out for you?Was thinking of getting one myself as I cant keep the massage lady’s binding on throughout the day as well!!

  2. Not really, my tummy’s still looking like I’m a good 4 months pregnant 😦 then again the belly bandit was pretty hot too.

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