Non-Stop Eating Machine

Feeding her was driving me crazy, from the classes at Mt A, it was all about breast feeding, 100% boob juice. I tried my best to listen and it was driving me batty. Then I realised that I have a big feeder on my hands, she’s got a strong jaw to boot, remarks from the nurse was sucks well... heavens.

This is how I cope…

Water – I was instructed to give, up to 30 ml a day, total divide into 3 times (usually discounting the spitting it’s about 15ml), this has really helpful and it makes sure she pees plus I hope it’ll help in the long run.

Formula – I was really unhappy about this, I mean the HORROR but you know what, it allows us 4 straight hours of sleep a night and I hope when I’m able to pump more breast milk, I’d be able to stop. The paediatrician said to give 30ml every alternate feed, I don’t think that’s necessary, so far the most we give her is 30 – 40 ml x up to 3 times a day. Again, the night feed is a blessing

Pump – I only wanted to start pumping after a month but she doesn’t seem like a fussy baby, so after much nagging from the husband, watching my nipples bleed and turn pink and raw… I gave in and am trying to pump 1 to 2 times a day. The husband is pleased because it allows him to bond with her … then again, she finishes her milk so fast, it’s over in 3 mins.


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