Oh my Lil Fartmyster turns 3 weeks today. All I think is…. SERIOUSLY 3 weeks? That’s it? I’ve been tired… I’ve never been so tired EVER, have bags under my eyes, haven’t worn makeup, my heels hurt … for 3 weeks…ONLY? SERIOUSLY? Cos it feels WAYYYYY longer than just 21 days.

That being said, I think she’s starting to see more, she follows objects, is holding her head up longer, grins (I know it’s most likely a fart smile but still..), frowns, gives cheeky looks, she makes strange hoots, toots and coos and of course she farts. I mean this chick can FART, just like the old men at the old folks home during mass. It bloody rocks because I can completely let loose and totally blame her. I love that she’s come in useful already :).

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