Rylen and myself took the MRT for the first time yesterday to Raffles City. I admit I was nervous but the whole 20 minutes on the train she just looked, cooed and smiled at me. Met Angie & Chris and had HANDBURGER for lunch, Ry fussed for a bit, carried her for 5 mins and she was back in her stroller and sleeping. BTW, the nursing rooms on B1 at the mall are new, clean and nice. She was an angel, even when I left her with Angie for 15 minutes while I got my brows groomed. Then… 10 minutes before the husband was supposed to pick us up, she started to fuss but I just feed her for 20 minutes earlier and didn’t think she’d be hungry just yet (yes, it wasn’t a full feed but I was going to feed her in the car). I wanted to get some meat etc for a pasta dinner and if she could speak this is how it would go…

Scene – Jason’s Supermarket
Ry: Mom, I’m hungry
Me: You just ate, you can wait for a bit right sweetie
Ry: Mooooom… I’m really hungry…
Me: I can’t remember, was I suppose to get pork or beef…hmmm
Me: Just 10 minutes, please shhhhhh
Ry: Woman, I’m bloody starving….. get it? S.T.A.R.V.I.N.G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: oh crap…
And for some reason I found myself at the milk aisle debating if I should just pop a boob to stop her from screaming. Angie finds me and tells me to just go to the nursing room and I’m not the first woman with an EVIL BABY (ok, she didn’t quite say that). So I run outta Jason’s to the nursing room, so many eyes on me and some still going “aww, so cute”!! *rolls eyes* but bless them.

15 minutes later, Angie has my pork, R’s waiting for me and the greedy baby has been fed and all angel like again. Apparently, Rylen doesn’t believe in small meals, sigh.


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