Rylen’s gone on strike, she’s refusing the bottle. Groan.

We’ve tried all sorts, different people feeding, R using one of my tees on his shoulder, different teats, bottles, late afternoon, evening, lunch time. I even read that you should try a little apple juice and we did but nada. She screams, cries till her face is red, uses her fist to block, push, shove the bottle away. She even had a temper tantrum complete with stomping of her feet on the cushion. It’s stressing me out because I have to go back to work and I’ve read of babies just not drinking till their Mom comes home! R said he’s got a colleague who’s wife is a stay at home Mom and the kid is 15 months and only accepts boobies. Sigh, talk about a connection.

Help anyone?


3 thoughts on “Strike

  1. Sean is the same, sigh! I’ve had to throw away quite a few perfectly good bottles of b-milk. I think they actually get smarter as they grow older :\

  2. we did spoon feeding as not to waste the BM but most of the time it was FM when we try bottle feeding so we threw hellavu lots milk

    the worst is to get stress as the lil one koes fear… treat it as it doesnt bother u.. of course it sounds easier than anything, but u will be surprise as i started to “WTF- im not bothered” she started accepting bottle.

    i realised that u cant use teats that have too little a hole, like using those teats that those other bbs that have been bottle fed all these while. I tried many size 1, 2, 3…. then it occured to me that bigger sized/holed teats is rather hard for their tiny soft gums and the smaller holed ones have too slow a flow.

    u must realize that our boobies produces way more milk when they suckle and size 1 is way too slow. So I bought a teat hole puncher and punch on the size 1 teat = soft teat and heavy flow. in the end we realized she likes it best when i punch the hole for juice and water- biggest. It is trial and error.

    i concentrated on 1 type of bottle, the slim ones….n all the dif types of teats. dont buy bottles, change the teats instead. remember i mention she likes tollyjoy teats? less than 3 bucks!

    but now as she grows she has started to show likings for avent.

    GD LUCK BABE. like u i tried getting ppl to do it, but at the end it was me who sucessfully made her accept the bottle.

    or alternatively , go for bottle training… one mummy blog reader did that… if u need, drop me a note i get u a contact. like u she was desperate as she was gng bac to work…. i tell u 1st, they use the cry it out method and she cried heaps….

  3. She accepted the bottle yesterday after a lil fight with the grandmama, so, sigh, gotta keep trying. She’s accepting the teat with a rather big hole from Nuk, more flow I guess.
    Thanks for the advice Flo.

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