Over the Weekend

Since Rylen was pretty sick last week, we didn’t go out much, such a waste of the long weekend but we didn’t want to risk her getting any sicker than she already was. By Saturday, her fever was gone and I was going a lil stir-crazy, so when R had to get something done in town and asked if I wanted lunch from Orchard Road my reply was ” You’re going to town? For what? I don’t need you to buy anything, we’re going WITH YOU.” So finally on Sunday we headed out and I LOVED my Sunday! Got my brows done, bought books for Ry (her first bible!! ahaha, my Mom will be taking care of that one), a book for myself and the first Christmas present for my Dad from Borders. Had ribs, had decaffeinated coffee (if they have it, I’ll take decaf, if not, one cup doesn’t hurt, promise). Went a lil nuts at Toys R Us. BLISS, I tell you!

However during the week, Rylen found her cry. She usually does the whole neh neh neh thing but now.. she wails, the kinda wail that forces a parent to cringe under the public glare, run outside to escape the stares … yes that kinda cry. I’m trying to make her snap out of it, it’s a work in progress. She’s got all kinds of new sounds now, goes nuts during bath time with her Daddy around and the proudest thing … she’s learning to sit on her own 🙂 she loves trying and even pushes my hands away once she’s up.

Personally, I’m dreading going back to work in a month, still worried about the whole refusing the bottle situation (which took a back seat last week). Anyways, I’m going to start running (I snigger when I type or say run) twice a week, been at it once a week for the past month, my joints still hurt after and it still feels worse running now then it felt running when I was 6 months pregnant, depressing really but it’s slowly hurting less. I wish I could go swimming but gag when I see myself. I know it’s gonna take time especially since I don’t do well with diets and Christmas is just around the corner, tarts, cakes, turkey… yummers!


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