3rd Month

Dearest Rylen,

Three months ago you came into our world and haven’t looked backed since. I type this in the dark while you’re asleep because you’ve refused a proper afternoon nap this whole week, power naps just don’t cut it. It’s been a hard two weeks for us, last week you were ill and then this week a growth spurt, lovely. Still you’re a doll, didn’t matter how sick you were; fighting your fever, whining while taking your medicine, having a fever patch on your head, Daddy continuously taking your temperature (yes, he even brought it out while we went for a little stroll!!) you ALWAYS had a smile.

Lil Flirt
Every week you learn something new, it’s a joy to tag along as you discover all your senses and the world around you and slobber over everything. Yes, I need to get more bibs, stop wearing black and start getting pictures of you favourite HANDburger, tasty I’m sure. Axl is also learning pretty early to stay away from you after you grabbed his tail and refused to let go, that really made my afternoon. Aren’t you the luckiest girl, you have two of the most entertaining dogs, TWO… you can’t imagine how Mummy grew up wanting a dog more than anything in the world.

Oh yes, about your footprint, the box said Idiot Proof, they lied. They didn’t include the mould, so we had to send it back and got a new set, the aim is to get it done before you turn a year old :). You’re growing so fast and nearly bursting out of your 0- 3 month old onesies. Part of me can’t wait for you to grow up so we have a little more fun and another part of me wishes time could stand still because mostly you’re just perfect just the way you are right now, right at this minute, every minute. Oh but we’re starting to go bald, yes, you and me babe, I see loads of hair on my brush and hair on your pillow, you’re starting to look like the most adorable version of Kim Jong Il. We really must get your passport photo done before you lose more hair 🙂 . Yes, Mummy’s a lil evil.

So my darling RyBear, 3 months, officially no longer an infant, now a “baby”. Mummy loves you. You’re starting to fuss, I’ll end here.




2 thoughts on “3rd Month

  1. Kim Jong Il!!! HAHAHA

    You know we did that clay mold thing for his feet – and guess what, he couldn’t stop wriggling his toes when the mold was trying to set and in the end, he ruined the entire thing and we threw the whole thing away. FAIL.

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