It’s days to Christmas which also means I’m gearing up to get back to work. I’m ashamed to say when Ry was a month old I actually had dreams… yes… like nice, happy dreams about being back at work :(. Now I’m totally dreading it but I know I need to work, I like earning money, I need the satisfaction of …well… a job. I guess I wish I didn’t work so far and have to be away from home for a good 12 hours. Sob.

Anyways, happy thoughts happy thoughts, we have the helper situation sorted and I’m feeling more secure with my choice, I feel a little bad that we aren’t taking G but I just didn’t feeling safe. Ry has a bit of a cough and it seemed a little worse tonight, so we’ll see the doctor tomorrow before the holiday hits us. I’m not looking forward to bottle training…  I’m rambling, this post is going no where fast.

Anyways, helped my Mom make Tarts today. I *heart* her tarts. I’m just glad I have an exercise class once a week during lunch!! Now, I need to go wrap a few presents.


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