Bring on 2010

2009 will be over in a few hours, Rylen’s still taking her long afternoon nap (I thank God for those) and I thought I’d try and think a little about the year that just zoomed past and give thanks. There were so many ups for me, it’s easy to overlook the down but my Dad survived but we all still live in fear that it might come back. Getting pregnant, being pregnant and giving birth was the highlight. I have to thank the people I work with and for, for being so nice, caring, concern and accommodating.  Thank my friends and family for making my pregnancy a whole lotta fun. Gap, Old Navy & F21 for helping me look hot-ish… ok, decent. And of course, my husband for being just a caring, funny, decent human being and what’s beginning to look like the great dad I knew he would be.

I don’t think 2010 could top 2009 but it’ll be fun trying.

So from Rylen, Axl, Stomper, R and I… Have a great night ahead! We’ve ordered pizza, will be drinking a little champagne with mango juice (yummers) and watching a movie (yet to rent it at this point).

HAPPY NEW YEAR (she’s up 🙂 )


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