Weaning is heart breaking. We’ve been putting it off…. she’s got cough lah, New Years, Christmas etc etc. Basically, we hate feeling like bloody bastards. At least that’s how I feel: it’s horrible, the pleading looks, the sobs… it’s kinda like breaking up with a boyfriend.

I had a dream last night that pretty much said it’s now or never and we need my job too keep her in GAP 😉 and I also need my job to keep me sane in the long run. So today is Day 1 and there were lotsa tears, hers and mine. I miss holding her, feeding her and even playing with her (I managed 5 mins before she starts zeroing in for boobies) . Thank goodness, I had made plans with the girls to hang out for a bit. Tomorrow, I’m trying to book a massage and I guess do things which make me feel more like a lady and less like a Mother.

It’s annoying that no one every mentioned that this would be an issue, all they talked about was nipple confusion…. she’s not confused, she wants flesh, amen. I gave my best and I do hate it when people make me feel shitty for choosing to 100% breastfeed and you know what… if I ‘fell’ pregnant again… I’d still 100% breastfeed, because I can and it wasn’t always easy. Hmph. I can’t help it if she has discerning taste.


One thought on “Weaning

  1. Good lord, Sean doesn’t take the bottle too! I have this fear that I will have to bring him everywhere I go and bfeed him till he’s 2 or something!

    Good luck with the weaning – let us know how it goes!

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