From Breast to Bottle

It’s been a week and I’m happy to announce that she is happily drinking from the bottle (NUK, BPA free and with the latex teat, screams when she sees the Avent). It took about 5 days, the book said 2 days & the doctor said 3, hmph! Lotsa patience and now nearly everyone can feed her and we even managed to go out twice. I still miss breastfeeding her but at least I get to feed her (cried the first time she took the bottle from me after 4 days!). I’m also starting to give her one formula feed a day because soon, I’m not going to be able to keep up and don’t have that much frozen milk (those frozen in the bag are so nasty smelling, I prefer the the milk tray and I just add on one or two 30ml milk sticks to top up my EBM).

Yesterday, the husband and I finally booked Avatar, 10.30am show in 3D. Didn’t bother setting the alarm because she usually wakes up at 8ish AM. Of course, she decides to sleep in and only woke up at 9.50am!! I had 40 mins to get her milk ready, pump, brush my teeth, wash my face and get into decent clothes! Missed 10 mins of the movie but it was awesome! However the 3D lenses made my eyes sooo tired, anyone experience that? Plus they hurt! My poor nose bridge.

Anyways, she’s woken up from her afternoon nap early :(. Cute video and pictures coming soon, she’s developing super fast.

P/S: Managed to get a facial, bliss!


2 thoughts on “From Breast to Bottle

  1. haha V HATED Avent too! but she is fine now…

    I had motion sickness watching avatar!!!!! almost wanted to vomit esp the 1st part of the movie when he was fighting with the stopid big rhino looking creatures…

    but despite all that we were won over by the great effects… n enjoyed it heaps….

    though the guy who sat infront of us was snoring…. haha

  2. Frozen milk really does smell (and probably taste) vile, don’t they! Oh man, I really need to stand more firm with the bottle!

    The milk trays are a great idea – did you have to order them online?

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