I’m a whole new level of tired.

The weekend started out pretty fine, we had an early dinner at Spruce. Great burgers, nice place, RyBear was playing good lil baby. This family, parents and their teen daughter were ushered to a table next to ours and they asked to be given another table, I looked up and the Mother gave me a nasty look… ok… they were shown to a table near  the loo and staff keep going in and out, it was the worse table in the house compared to a babbling baby and I gave her an amused look on my way to the loo.

On Sunday, we managed to get 1.5hr nap happy happy joy joy! Headed to my Mom’s place because John’s back and we had a proper family Christmas dinner with my Mom’s Turkey and Shepherd’s Pie. Rawk! Put a very sleepy baby to bed by 10pm. Turned my attention to Stomper, she’s been acting up since I’ve been back at work. I think between getting Axl, then having Rylen and now going back to work… she’s become very very needy. It’s rather annoying but I’ve seen her give me sad looks recently, she’s been biting her thighs again and they’ve gone bald (sign of stress, she had the same thing when we first got Axl). I wanted to go to sleep early but decide to manja her a bit and brush her down and oh darn she’s got skin issues. Decided to shower her with special shampoo, condition and blow dry her… so much for my early night. I did get to bed by midnight though.

Then… Rylen wakes up with a pitiful cry at 1.45am. Trying to wake up was like getting run over by a truck! Pick her, she goes back to sleep, put her down, cries. Picked her up again, cleared her nose, changed her diaper, she goes back to sleep, farts and 10 minutes later, she’s crying again. So I asked R, can I just just breastfeed her? Nope. So we have to warm up her milk, he gives her the bottle and I go pump. Halfway, she’s finished with the milk but he can’t get her to sleep, so I have to stop, soothe her, she goes back to sleep and I’m back to pumping and finally make it back  to bed at 3am. Waking up at 6.15am was oh sooo hard, so I’m running late and midway pumping, she’s crying…sigh. She gets fed etc and goes back to sleep but I’m too late to catch my transport and too tired to take the train. I get stuck in the usual monday morning jam…. the one where Singaporeans in general forget how to drive after the weekend, I’m poorer by 30.60 bucks and late to boot. I also have a 10am section meeting that never starts on time and drags on till my boobs are about to burst! Then I have to pump like a manic and rush to get changed to get to my Kardio Sculpt class (of which I’ve missed 2 sessions).

I’m 5 mins late for class and think I’m entered some odd aerobics crap class but they bring out the hand weights. I look at the weights and think… what in the world?! Lil wuss 3LB mini weights! And that’s the heavier of the two available. Then the real pain begins, OHMYGOODNESS… the pain! I haven’t used weights in 6 months and my core muscle have melted away, my shoulders hurt, my thighs burn and I’m so hungry and they’re spinning and doing fancy 1 2 3 steps and I’m getting dizzy*lovely* and squats and lunges; my best friends. I’m sweating so much, my face is all red and I can taste salt. It feels bloody awesome but I’m gonna be in much pain tomorrow. I just hope Rylen and Stomper give me a break tonight, I need it.


4 thoughts on “OHMYGOODNESS

  1. Would you like me to take Stomper out to the dog run one of the weekends with Chutney? Think she should be quite comfy with just Chutney right?

  2. Axl might be but Stomper won’t. But that’s an idea, can leave Ry with R and bring all 3 to the dog run.

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