4th Month Check-up

Rylen went for her 5in1 shot and 4th month checkup on Tuesday (since I’m on maternity leave on Wednesdays) and she was a star! She’s a whopping 7.6kg and 65.5cm. The first thing I asked the doctor was if she’s fat :). He said no she’s got the lil baby tummy which is normal and it’s just that she’s got big bones that’s all (see, there is such a thing) and she’s pretty tall so she’s fine. Whew. Took all her measurements and she’s got a very strong neck and back. Then came the dreaded jab and she didn’t cry, at all, I was playing peek a boo with her and then the doctor pulled out his keys and she looked a little shocked with the keys jiggling or maybe it was the jab but that was it, no whine, no cry, no fuss, I had to ask the doctor if he was done. She must follow her Daddy; thick skin. I hear the Pneumococcal jab is the kicker, we’ve decided to wait a little long for that one, still deciding to get it when she’s 6 months or 1 year.

She’s been a bit fussier with the sleeping, wants pats and a back rub but no fever etc, whew.

Oh and because Rylen has started taking two bottles of formula, I had to ask the doctor about the amounts on the can. She drinks about 150ml of beast milk which is about the amount I can produce and I can’t imagine giving her 240ml of formula which is recommended on the tin and only 5 times a day, so I give between 120ml before bedtime because she drinks 150ml of breast milk about 1 to 1.5hours before her last feed (cluster feeding which she did naturally). Anyway, the point is that her doctor says that the amount printed on the tin is a gross overestimate. Can you imagine if I just followed instructions!? Lotsa spit up, so ask you doctor when you’re switching to formula new Mummies.

Finally downloaded my mobile pictures and I’ll leave you with this…

Before bath time
Blow by Blow


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