Princess Vic

If you had told me 20 years ago that I’d be standing at Toys R Us, going crazy figuring out what to get for Trevor’s daughter for her first birthday… I would have said simply ‘Balls’. I couldn’t stand Trev, not that I ever spoke to him. I didn’t like him because his kid sister used to tell us he beats her up 😛 and the nasty looks (meaning:bitchy cow looks) he and my darling husband use to give me when we’d cross paths as hormonal charged teens *shudder*. Let’s not forget Flo with her semi-skimy outfits strutting in and out of my Christmas parties for years ok YEARS, I just knew her has DB’s SQ gfren at that point. Oh how things have changed and talk about 6 degrees of separation! We’ve all come such a LONG way!

Happy Birthday Victoria Eden… and I still think you’ve got a hot porn star name *wink*.


2 thoughts on “Princess Vic

  1. Yes, I was mean to my husband only but that’s just because I like him… you know… tweens, hard times. heh.

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