5th Month

Dearest Rylen,

Yesterday you turned 5 months old and Grandma Fiddy took your weight…wait for it…. 8.2kg!!!  There was a major growth and development surge between 4 to 5 months, I have to admit I was caught a little off guard but amazed at the same time. You can sit up by yourself and for quite long too, you sit on your stroller and hang on to the ‘railing’ in the front, the view of the world looks way more  interesting from that angle, I’m sure. I decided to let you flip over as and when you were ready and now you’re all over the place, front to back, back to front, it still freaks us out when we see you sleep on your tummy but I remember that’s how we used to sleep too :). You’ve been a poo poo monster of late and it worries all of us but you’re still smiling, hydrated,drinking and obviously growing so we’re going to go ahead with giving you some cereal tomorrow! Yay!

I love looking at the world through your eyes, the funniest things are interesting and you open your beautiful big eyes wide and make an O with your mouth, I love it.

Jumperoo Love

I love your morning smiles and cuddles which I’m pleased to still experience even if it’s the ungodly hour of 5.30am it makes waking up a little earlier worth it (plus the fact that you go right back to sleep after your feed rocks too). A few days ago I’d like to think your were trying to kiss me but it seemed more like your were trying to eat my face and then lick my cheek …. regardless it’s nice to know you think Mummy is yummy *heh*.

So to my little bundle of joy… the next few weeks are gonna be a wild ride, hang on tight.

Love you,



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