So I’ve been pretty quiet I know. Trying  to get the house renovation started is zapping me of any access energy. I sleep by midnight, wake up at 6.05am to pump, I work, I pump, eat, work, pump, get home, play with RyBear for (if I’m lucky) an hour before she demands her bath and supper, eat & watch TV, walk the dogs, shower, pump & watch TV, it’s MIDNIGHT zzz.

My body was going to shut down and I could feel myself getting sick, my upper back was killing me with the odd pumping positions, add not being able to sleep cos I wake up with nightmares of a. an ugly kitchen b. being broke-ass c. having no where to live because the sellers changed there mind (no longer an issue since yesterday! Yay!) d. having  too many plants (no idea where that came from) e. my baby hating me f. Stomper hating me….. So yeah you get the picture.

I signed R and myself up for a massage and it did wonders for me, at least… a trannie or a trannie looking woman was assigned to massage the husband and he rang me on my phone and said NO WAY JOSE. So I had to ring the front desk and request a replacement. I did feel a little mean and I personally have no issues with ‘gay’ people in general and found it funny even that the husband was so uncomfortable but you know what, it’s his right to have a good massage but in the future I’ll make sure we get the couples room.

I’ve also decided to stop pumping in the next week or two, it’s getting harder, less milk, my period is coming (I’m quite sure of it) and I’ve done my best, 6 months of her being on full BM or mostly BM, she’s a big, healthy baby and I need to stop feeling guilty. BTW, while I had the chance to totally breast feed her for a full 2 months she put on the most weight, so it’s not always true that breastfed babies are small, I’m just saying.

My usual gripe about exercise or lack of… I have signed up for another round of my ‘Kardio Sculpt’ and added a session of yoga which I do miss and if I could get a run/ cycle/ swim in once a week, I’m good.

P/S: Today is a shitty day – missed the bus  even though I was early and I watched it pass me by, walked to the MRT in this awful weather and realised I didn’t have my wallet, waited at NTUC and their A/C wasn’t on, hot hot hot, no one could find my wallet at home, was about to walk home to look for it and R said he’ll pick me up and send me to work, thank goodness! Because the wallet was in his car, must have fallen out of my bag. Was heading for lunch, had to pee and saw a lovely hole in my pants where the sun shouldn’t be shining and I then I spilled 100 Plus on my desk… I wonder what else is gonna happen, wish I could just sit at home and just watch Gossip Girl Season 2 but I might just set the couch on fire.


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