6th Month

Dearest Rylen,

This update is late again, I apologise but it’s been a hectic month and looks set to continue. Six months old Ry Bear, I can’t believe half a year has just whizzed by!

You’ve gone from this at 6 days
6 Days
to this

I think it’s safe to say  that you are indeed the second cutest baby right after Suri Cruise 🙂 Mommy’s not delusional you know.

We had your 6th month check up and vaccination, it’s alway good to hear that you’re doing well and you barely let out a whimper, you don’t know how proud this makes your tattoo loving parents (but no tattoos till you’re 18 and it has to be pre-approved and no hoochie lower back rubbish). The doctor says you’re a very strong baby and he was impressed with how well you can sit and even pull yourself up. You know how to take steps but still refuse to crawl (I’m sure the dogs are relieved).

CNY 2010

You’ve taken to semi solids amazingly well and gobble everything including peas, broccoli and after mixing it with other things… parsnip well. You truly are your Daddy’s little girl.

I think the reason you’re big-ish (doctor’s words, not mine) is that you can really sleep! You have 2 to 3 naps lasting anywhere between 30 mins (when we’re out) and 1.5 hours (in your cot). Then you insist on going to bed by 8.30pm and wake up by 6.30am (groan). That’s a lot of sleep, which is good, I just wish you would sleep a little later and get up …well… later but we’ve tried and failed. You get sooooo grumpy when your bath and bottle are late and we have to do all we can to entertain you so that you don’t start crying because you want your bed!

You’re such a good baby most of the time and easy going usually, because you have your schedule and it’s pretty easy to follow, sometimes it feels like you don’t need me anymore. Then night comes and you’re always happiest with a cuddle from Mommy and I know that you love me and I bet you know how much I love you. It warms my heart and I promise that the kisses and cuddles will never ever stop.




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