What a DAY (with weird caps and everything)

It’s one of  those days you know when all you wanna do is scream.

First Rylen keeps waking up and refusing to fall asleep, yawns, closes her eyes put her down and within 5 minutes she’s hooting or crying. Not wanting to sleep from 12.50am to 2.15am and she even wanted to play with the dogs. If they could speak, their expressions would scream “Are you SERIOUS little girl? It’s SLEEPING time, leave us ALONE!” Finally I gave up and R had to sit at her cot and just look at her, rewind back to 3 months. Sigh.

Then I have my exercise class and I’m tired and hungry and there are old-ish uncoordinated women but one in particular who makes me wanna laugh like a total meanie but I have to stop myself in case she hits my face with her flailing fist and claims it’s an accident. I mean if there’s one reason to be in the 35% of Singaporean who exercise regularly it’s this woman, ALL OVER THE PLACE. Get me drunk enough and I’ll do a little skit of it for you. Imagine… no listening skills, weak, no coordination, and I repeat NO LISTENING SKILLS WHAT-SO-EVER, body all bend outta whack. Shudder. I was just thinking that morning, I’m so sick of bothering how chubby I’ve gotten, maybe I should just become a lump then I looked at Rylen and I know I can’t be a lump, I just can’t because she needs to able to lift her arm above her head (studies have shown that lotsa kids can’t do it cos they are just that stiff)!! She needs to know how to jump, kick a ball, shoot some hoops and swim.

More rambling, I don’t usually whine about work but ARRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH. Idiots left, right and off centre! A Japanese professor calling me more than 10 times just to tell me what he typed in an email, an email I replied to! I can’t really help him, I’m just not that smart, I don’t know jack about chemistry, engineering, nanoscience, etc. I can’t personally answer your questions, so please WAIT!

Then a caterer, emails me 3 times about an event, we haven’t put out the tender, the event is in July. I tell her I’m not in charge but we WILL call her once the tender is out, promise. She calls me, I tell her the same thing. She proceeds to email other people in my department. And then sends me another email…

Hi Marie,

It’s me again, [insert idiots’s name] from [Company]. I would appreciate your help if you can let know the actual date for the tender for the [event] as well.


I mean really REALLY, which part of I’ll let you know when the tender comes out do you NOT understand? I wanna scream!! You are nothing, get it, not important, you don’t get to yell jump and I’m not gonna scream HOW HIGH? More like you say Jump PLEASE and I say go *#%& yourself.

Then a NUS student sends me her CV for a job here, first of all, wrong person and if you picked me from the corporate website you should know better then to call me Ms Marie! Come on!!! NUS student lor, really lor, Ms Marie? REALLLLLY! I hate that!

I need to just sit in a dark corner and simmer… or someone make me laugh, quick.


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