7th Month

Dearest Rylen,

You turned 7 months while we were having lotsa fun in Phuket.

Now Phuket wasn’t … a holiday for any of us if you ask me or perhaps it’s better to say that our version of a holiday is never gonna be the same again. You were pretty annoyed when we kept you out past your bed time but a real trouper and would happily sleep in the Pikkolo while we sat in those awful, overpriced Tuk Tuks, walked around noisy Patong etc. There was a lot and I mean ALOT of washing for Mommy to do, trying to be  eco friendly and not go nuts with the wet wipes but oh my goodness, bibs, clothes, little towels, my clothes you spit up on… I felt like a maid. My back went all wonky for a day, yes, poor Mommy. But I was really proud of Daddy, left you two alone for 3 hours and you both had a nap, he cleaned up a major poop, fed you and I came back to two smiling darlings! 🙂

Okay, fun stuff, you’re a total water baby, my little virgo mermaid. I love our 30 minute swimming sessions before you signal you’ve had enough by putting your face on my shoulder and trying to get to sleep. The holiday was precious milestone for us as a family, I think we got to know you and realised that our lil baby is indeed growing up and becoming a marvelous little person and so far I’m so proud of what you’ve become and glad we had a little something to do with it, the rest is all you. Love your veggies, your naps, always ready to smile, that little frown when you’re trying to focus and love how fearless you seem. I stare at your peaceful sleeping face the few times you slept in my arms and I just want to freeze time. You’ll never be the same again but we’ll always have Phuket. I didn’t get to go shutter happy but I got a few lovely shots of you.

Ry vs the big bad sea

More photos soon…

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