My Funny Baby

Rylen will be attending a trial session at Baby Jumper Gym tomorrow next Sat, busy light shopping for our new place. We’ve decided to get her signed up for a trial class every 2/3 weeks and decide on where to sign up when she turns a year old or so. Still in two minds about the swimming and when I finally get down to loading my phuket videos you’ll know why.

I have to post these two pictures…

She always looks a little strange in a major pink dresses (to me), cos frankly she looks like a major cute baby boy but yeah, got this while we were getting fruits and vegetables to steam and spin for her. Gonna start her on fish in a week or two :).
To the market we Go!

This one has gotta be a classic, the amount I spend on toys and she just loves the boxes, the cheaper Ikea toys and now…sigh… the dogs newpaper (thankfully they hardly GO in the house, whew!)
Rippin' Newspaper!

Have a good weekend everyone!


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