The Sick Family

Just when I started to feel a little better and look forward to the weekend… poor Rylen got sick. Friday when I got home, she seemed fine, when I giving her a bath, I thought she seemed a little warm but thought it was just the super warm weather. She woke up at midnight and I knew she had a slight fever, gave baby panadol and all was well. She woke up again at 6am and was burning up and couldn’t hold down the panadol. We forgot it was 1 May and our regular paediatrician wasn’t going be open. Rush to Mt A, her temperature went to 39.4 C!! Poor poor baby.

Saturday was bad but she was much better by Sunday and I was going to take Monday off to look after her THEN, I got sick… again. Bad cough and I could hardly catch my breath. Off to the doctor, 3rd time in less than 2 weeks. Got an inhaler and that really helped. BUT, I wasn’t feeling well, my body hurt, sore, something was off. I had a high fever by 3am. At 5am, R was busy with cold wet towels finally the fever broke but started up again … it’s been like that was for the past two days. I hardly get fevers and don’t remember having a high fever. Sigh. So a 4th visit to the doctor and a 39.5C temperature and 2 more days of medical leave. I decided to try and break the circle and stay at my Mom’s place, away form my husband and baby, I even cried but I think it was the fever :).

Finally getting back to the office tomorrow. I have to admit I’m seriously looking forward to being in air-conditioned comfort all day!! I still have a cough but haven’t had a fever since the morning. BUT, the husband who thought he was super powerful, is now getting sick. 😦


2 thoughts on “The Sick Family

  1. Oh god! Hope all is well .. All the huha.. As usual had headache reading ur post hahaha coz 1 I speed read 2 u write ur post is a damn drama speed …

  2. Damn drama speed?
    Anyways, R is down. My cough just won’t go away neither will Ry’s AND… I have a red sore left eye! TGIF!!

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