8th Month

Dear Rylen,

It just hit me that you turned 8 months. All of us being ill has really turned our lives upside down hasn’t it? I wasn’t even’t home with you on the 4th :(. Forgive me, I was just trying to do what’s best.

Anyway, the past month has been absolutely fabulous in terms of your development. You’re super fast on your belly but refuse to crawl as such. You can get yourself into standing position quite easily with assistance from a table, chair, your crib. A few mornings ago, I was woken up with you standing in your crib near my face and you going “ARRRGGGHHH” to wake me up. You have both your bottom teeth and while they did make you a little grumpy you didn’t let them get you down.

You were also very sick and made us all worry, but you’re a strong tyke and once you felt better and all smiles again, Mommy was so very relieved. I also kinda taught you to say Dada. Of course you have no idea what that means but it still makes your Dada’s heart soar. You’re so very vocal now, it’s amusing. Last night you came up with a new game where you would pretend to drink from your cup but not, then you’d look at me and giggle. It was the sweetest sound, you think you’re funny; you really are Mummy’s girl 🙂

I was looking at you the other day and then looked at your Daddy and said, “I can’t believe it but I think she’s even cuter than ever”. Daddy was thinking the same thing, we just didn’t think it’d be possible. Of course all parents think like that but me and your Dad, we’re kinda mean and non delusional so we tell it like it is :).

Love you baby girl,


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