Only One

Last night or rather this morning was one of those days where all I could think about was how poor Rylen was going to grow up an only child because I sure as hell ain’t gonna go through this again.

She used to sleep the whole night from 8.30pm to 6.30pm, after Phuket she started waking up anywhere between 2.30am to 4.30am, not fun but fine because she’d be cleaned, fed and would go right back to sleep. This morning she woke up at 2.15am, fed her and she refused to go to sleep, she’d fall sleep and fuss after a few minutes just when we started drifting off, repeat, bloody annoying. Then she woke up again at 5.18am and again at 6am and refused to go back to sleep, kept going da da da hata hata hata. Removed her swaddle and her sock all by herself, yawn, think we’ll be weaning her off her swaddle before we move :(.

Anyways, an email came in about the subject this morning:-


Babies at this age may wake up at night all over again. It can be frustrating for parents who have gotten used to getting some sleep at last. But be patient. Your baby will soon be getting more active and as a result, tire more easily and sleep better too.


Anyway, we dropped by Ikea for a bit, she was pretty pleased.

Ry @ Ikea


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