1 All so far

Rylen 1: Mummy 1

Last night I lost, after 45 minutes of listening to her scream at me because she wants to be carried or cuddled to sleep, I caved in.

I hate that when she gets sick we’re back to square one with the sleep training. Let me tell you I hate the crying out method, freaking hate it. It’s way harder now because she can stand, has a mind of her own and freaking screams at me!

So I sit (sometimes hide) and watch her and make sure she’s alright the whole time she’s crying and screaming at me. I had to leave the room for 5 minutes and the looks I got from the MIL and maid, bloody hell. I don’t think anyone should dare to judge me, when they aren’t waking up in the middle of the night and it takes us more than an hour to get her back to sleep, I’m the one who hasn’t had 4 hours of straight sleep in ages and I don’t mind, as long as she goes back  to sleep right away like she used to!!

So the next few days are gonna be a battle, I intend to win and I just need my maid/ helper/ PA, who’s name is Deza btw to get back with the programme. Deza is great, Rylen loves her and she loves Rylen and she’s had 3 kids but I want my daughter raised my way. Neither R nor myself can sleep well with her on the bed because  she smacks me on the face, hard and it brings tears and R is worried about crushing her.

Anyways a lil video of her cruising. Got her a lil walker to wagon, really wanted the vtech one but super expensive, so this will have to do for now.

Can you imagine being annoyed with that face? Sigh.


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