History of Mr Smelly

So Lil Baby Bear likes Mama Bear’s smelly bolster.”Crap” The thing is 35 years old! It belonged to my Dad and I kept stealing it and it officially became mine when I turned 8 or so. I remember when I went for my first overseas trip I actually panicked as a teenager on how the hell I was gonna sleep cos I couldn’t bring it on the plane! Till this day, I gotta say, I still miss my bolster (acts like a pillow since I was 18) when I’m away, nothing it seems can replace it.

Deza has been using it to help Ry sleep and last night I decided to see if it worked and lo and behold, put in Mr Smelly and in 2 minutes, she’s got one arm on Mr Smelly and she’s fast asleep. I do have to remove it from her crib when I go to bed. Ahahaha. It’s cute and all but I know it’s bloody disgusting, it’s very old, it gets sunned when I remember (twice a year, I believe), it has 5 or so layers of bolster covers to retain whatever cotton there is inside. It’s probably infested with mites but I LOVE IT and now so does Rylen, we might have a little fight on our hands when she gets older and demands I give it to her…. noooo mmmmyyyyyy PRECIOUS!


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