It’s NO Papercut

I noticed that most mothers who don’t get the epidural do this peacock thing… I didn’t get an epidural, it was ALL NATURAL and they puff out their chest and look all smug. *Rolls Eyes*. I love it when they do that and I’m like… yeah, I didn’t get epidural either. Mostly it was for my own selfish reasons, cos I can’t stand the needle in the back thing, don’t wanna not be able to pee on my own and frankly I have a pretty high threshold of pain so whatever. R’s still really proud and amazed that if we do decide to have another that I’d go through it again. Maybe it’s the gas, the memory failure… but really the giving birth didn’t hurt THAT BAD, it was the bloody contractions and with the gas administered the right way it was ALL GOOD.

So all that plus the fact that my Mom, Mrs Will Scream and get Major Upset if I Stub my Lil Toe, had two deliveries with no epidural, it’s REALLY not a big deal! Of course Mr OHMYGAWD My Papercut Hurts So Bad, Please Clean It, Kiss It and PLEASE BEFORE I BLEED TO DEATH, put a Band-Aid On My Tiny Ass PAPERCUT and Fetch Me Some Juice Because I’m Injured will think it’s a huge deal 🙂 … perhaps that why God left the birthing to women, men cry when they get a paper cut.


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