I have many many things to whine about but I’ll give a lil useful advice before my next post about how moving sucks, how moving with a baby is hard work, how there are soooo many things to buy I have never in my life felt so poor, how my wrist are bruised carrying …well… stuff. How bloody tired I am and I still have a messy house and how ALL BLOODY BUSES LED TO HOUGANG!!

Now, as I was walking around Tampines Mall, waiting to get a landline from SingTel (re. wasting my time cos we already have a line with Mio TV but that’s another story) anyways, they have this bone density test you can take,  I take these thing for granted cos of my size and I really never thought I’d have any issues so lucky I decided to get myself tested cos my bone density is ZERO. Which means it’s borderline normal and for my age that sucks. I finished my calcium tablets soon after I stopped pumping and I guess I haven’t been drinking much milk/milo/ cheese etc in a bid to reduce my weight (which hasn’t worked, I need to RUN!!). So anyways, it was a rude shock and a major wake up call, the auntie at the booth did ask if I had just had a baby and that’s the likely reason why my bone density was borderline. So I grabbed my-broke-self a bottle of calcium tablets. I will start running again and by the end of the year hope I can decide on which gym I wanna go to because weight bearing exercise is so important.


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