Moving with a baby (soon to be toddler) wasn’t easy, especially when things just kept getting delayed and you know how no matter how well you schedule things they just don’t go as planned EVER. The little delays and since it clashed with a big event at work, I only had Saturday to clean up the house with a small army of minions and helpers.



Then we shipped the dogs, Baby and maid to my Mom’s place. While the movers FINALLY appeared at 9.45pm by the time all the stuff was in the new place it was 11pm. Rushed to get her room sorted and ran over (I kid you not, I RAN OVER, cos my Mom thought Ry was gonna wake up and R was at the Simei place getting things we forgot) and picked Rylen up at midnight. Got back to the new house with a dazed baby and two very relived dogs (they thought we abandoned them, sigh) at 1am. By the time I got to bed it was 3am! Up at 8am to go to Giant…. and took the WRONG bus and ended up in Hougang! Bloody hell. Got 300 bucks worth of mundane necessities like pails, madness. Thank goodness Angie came to the rescue… well came to Giant, which means I got a ride back. Home then back again to Courts and Ikea.

BUT the great thing, the silver lining, is that RyBear loves her room! Yay! I was sooo worried she wouldn’t take to sleeping on her own, in her own room but she’s been a star so far.

Rylen loving her new room

Her morning smiles are just the cutest 🙂


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