Weekend just passed

Don’t you just LOVE long weekends. Sure I took most of the week off but I was busy and tired most of it. Just sooo mighty pleased to get my roots and toes done!! So when Friday did come I was stoked BUT we never managed to get to a movie *pout*.

So on Friday, we were supposed  to go for a run, I woke up early and was like… wait a minute PHILIPS SALE!! Must get vacuum cleaner & blender, how disgustingly domestic but we knew what we wanted and needed and were in and outta there in 45 minutes! Rushed home, got Ry ready for a swim date with her Godma and cousins. Rylen like most babies love swimming.

In her terry swimming dress

Ry @ tmcc

Nice lunch with family and I was sooo sleepy but no rest for us. We went and got some plates and little things from Allen’s godparents. I was about ready to just melt but HAD TO GET OFF LARGER THAN LIFE ARSE TO RUN! So we did a slow 25 min run, pant, walk, jog thing and ohmygawd I wanted to DIE! 10 or so months of no major cardio, it’s like you’re back at square one, sucks but it felt pretty good.

Saturday, we got a nice chair for Ry’s room and I really can’t remember the rest of the busy-ness.

Sunday, supposed  to go for an early run but Rylen had kept R up for 1.5 hour at 3am, cos she wanted to play (my bad). Deza was off, so it was just us and the lil monster AND…she knocked her head hard, she keeps trying to stand without any assistance. Sigh. The Daddy obviously went ballistic and a crying, snotty baby…. plus I made brown rice porridge with white bait, not her favourite… so what an afternoon!! Was so pleased when her nap time came! I grabbed an hour to sleep too. A major long walk with Ry & the dogs and then it’s bathe, feed and get Ry to sleep, dinner for us and that’s it… weekend is OVER, back to the grind. Like really? WTF? *pout*

How was your long weekend?


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