9th Month

Dearest Rylen,

You turned 9 months and I wrote about Giant Termites, sigh, when I remembered I was already on my way home and we have no internet access right now.

Anyway, every time we think it’s impossible to love you more than we already do… well… we fall more in love. You give the cutest cheeky smiles, it’s like a grin with 2 winks. Daddy managed to get a shot with his crappy not so good camera phone, I hope to get a good shot soon.

What we call Cheeky Eyes

You’ve had some pretty scary falls, which send your Dad into a frenzy, with coffee flying everywhere, you are indeed your Daddy’s Princess (poor Stomper got an earful for running into you). But it’s all good, you’ll learn in time how to break your fall. Both Stomper and Axl have FINALLY learnt to stay out of your way or get tails or ears pulled :).

Now I’m not saying you’re a bully but it does come across that way. You have a pretty good appetite, you sleep loads and you’re parents are well… lets say big boned, you’re really fast and you pinch… hard. Needless to say you’re a little bigger than most kids your age. Poor Sean got yanked and his hair pulled, it was a bit embarrassing but soon all the other babies will catch up and I’m sure you’ll have more fun.

We did have fun during your 9th month outing. We headed to GoGoBambini and finally met baby Sean, I think he had about a single minute of fun with you before you grabbed his hair, sigh. You did have a blast, I guess the madness that is our home (not the dogs actually, more like a crazy funny loud singing Deza! ahaha) helped you adapt well to screams of all the older kids, I had a glimpse of what is to come and shudder in fear. I know you can’t wait to be more independent and you’re wayyyy too heavy to carry for long but I can’t believe in less than 3 months you’ll be a year old! That’s less than 3 months for Mummy to get back into orginal size, 3 months to plan a small party for you and 3 months before you become a toddler.

Longing & Wanting
I want IN!!




Longing along with Sean

Sean & I

She was ‘bullying’ a 14 mth old

Mommy & Me


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