Poor Baby

Rylen’s 2 front teeth are making an apperance. The left one has pretty much cut her gums with no issue but it’s kinda waiting for the right to join in and well, she’s not feeling great. I came home tired, hurting all over and all I wanted to do was sleep by 10ish. That’s never the case is it? Ry was all eh eh eh, no real interest in me since Grandmama was there to entertain her, I kinda let it be. By 7.30pm, I got her bathe and ready for bed, R took over, everything seemed fine.

I bought a hormone free, free range chicken and wanted to divide it up for Ry’s future meals, 15 bucks for a small chicken!! I wish we had a backyard. Organic eggs are 4 bucks a dozen. But I don’t want her getting her period at 9, so. Anyways, I also decided to bake her beets, yuck, had to steam them too. Plus steam and puree her broccoli. Then she wakes up crying at 10.30pm, she’s not hungry but her nose seemed blocked and she was miserable, used the baby teething gel but I still had to sit with her in my arms till she fell back to sleep (thank goodness we got a nice chair in her room!). But the time everything had cooled down and put in the freezer I was sooo tired.¬†Imagine, I was suppose to get a run in as well! Faint.

3.30am, she wakes up, catches me by surprise cos she hasn’t woken up in the middle of the night for sometime now. I change her with my eyes half closed and R wants to feed her and put her back to sleep but she refuses. Sigh, so I have to spend an hour trying to get her back to sleep cos all she wants to do is STAND!! I’m so tired now, are days like these good enough a reason for childcare leave? Must run today, oh joy….zzz.

TIP: And I have the teething tablet might use it tonight, added a video I found. See dentist at 1 year, trying to not let her sleep after her bottle is a bit hard but I’m trying and weaning her off her bottle at 1 year, I hardly see this happening in Singapore but we were weaned off our bottles by 1 as well…


2 thoughts on “Poor Baby

  1. Eh no bottles at one? Then drink from cup? what teethin tablet? I’m on my iPhone so can’t watch video.. Just explain to me further .. Interesting

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