2nd Hand

So I buy second hand toys and books for Rylen. There I said it, it’s out in the open. We, for some reason don’t have parents who buy her toys and books… they always get her clothes, I don’t get it… seriously she has enough clothes! I have friends who go to HK and get these darling H&M pieces and I get most her other stuff from GAP and Old Navy. So yes, she doesn’t need clothes.

Anyways, I had to get over myself and get second hand items… why? Because babies/ kids are expensive. A new place is expensive. Living in Singapore is expensive. The dog’s organic food is expensive. Ry’s mostly organic diet is expensive. AND… recycling is a good thing. I don’t think I’ll sell off most of her toys when she’s done with them, I’d give them away because it’d be such a waste of resources – paper, plastic, wood, metal to just chuck them when they are still in working and good condition. Our earth is dying so while I save a little, I like to think I’m doing my bit.

Anyways, I got her a little push cart yesterday for 15 bucks, yay, she’ll need more than one I’m sure. I’m getting her a few wooden toys and books today. I *heart* craiglist. I’ve bought the baby carrier for her second hand for a $100 instead of spending 250 for a new one and designs I didn’t like, I was so please because I love the pattern of the second hand one.

I’ve also sold a hardly used medela pump to a very grateful mum. I think it’s a great idea, this reselling thing but there are certain things I rather just get brand new – shoes, teething toys, feeding anything and because I have a thing for clothes… her clothes.

Anyways, I’m not a green freak, I use plastic when I have to, when it makes sense to just chuck plastic instead of wasting water, lots of water to get something clean. But I am trying to be greener, especially after watching THIS, it breaks my heart when innocent animals have to suffer. I even take the trouble to use Ry’s bath water to flush my toilet, something I seriously would have never bothered to do prior. The one thing and I know it’s a big one, is that I can’t give up aircon, I need good sleep and I don’t get much of it, so when I do sleep, I need to be comfortable and the fan in Singas, just doesn’t cut it.


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