A Weekend

It’s nearly the weekend and I wanted to post this earlier this week but I’ve been busy, so here goes, a rather typical weekend where I try to do as much as possible to make everyone and everything I love happy. To do that, I needed to take a Friday off. See we should all have 3 day weekends!

Here goes:-
Friday, Singapore Arts Museum. Thanks Debra for the idea 🙂
Happy Baby!

My little crawler 🙂


My kinda place Daisies

My BABY ;)
Smile for Mommy & Daddy

Funky Magic Forest



Light the old SJI

On Saturday, were going to bring the dogs to the Dog Run but it rained, so we brought Ry to Ikea (again) and did a little bits and blobs shopping. Had lunch alone with Hubba to celebrate Father’s Day (wait for it). Then we headed to Changi Village in the evening to have a feast, so my little exercise, limited drinking of sugary drinks and fatty food went up in flames because we had black carrot cake lah, satay lah, stingray lah and fried awesome banana.

We sat next to this door which I thought was pretty interesting
Door & Gate

Tickled Pink

Then on Sunday, bight and sunny! To the Pasir Ris Dog Run with Stomper & Axl

Oh Hai

Black Bastard aka Axl



All of us took afternoon naps before visiting my folks and I swore it was Father’s Day, really, I thought it was and was wondering what’s up with the lack of adverts and Father’s Day gifts but it’s this weekend. Oops.


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