Mondays I Miss Her the MOST

I’ve never really hated Mondays, if you’re okay with what you do for money then it’s never that bad. These days I do hate Mondays, I wake up knowing that I won’t get to play with Ry and tickle her and savor her early morning smiles. I won’t get to bring her and the dogs for a long walk at the park or for a little trip to NTUC where she grabs everything she can get her hands on and use poles to stand up in the stroller (which gave me a bloody heart attack !!).  It feels awful to have to leave her in the care of a stranger most of the time because our parents don’t have the time or energy to help us, I know it could be worse but you usually feel better when there’s family around you know. Sigh.

With the jam that I know I’ll be stuck in on the way home, I have enough time to cuddle her, bathe her and listen to her whine because she’s tired 😦 Boo!


2 thoughts on “Mondays I Miss Her the MOST

  1. Sone days I really hate it that I miss so mug of sean’s day too – it hurts even more when everyone tells me he misses me too (he perks up at the word mummy and stares longingly at my picture on the wall). Sobs!

  2. Awww, Ry just looks at our picture and smiles but I believe she’s giving me attitude when I get home, gone are the smiles , she just looks grumpy.

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