Ry’s Schedule at 9 mths

So after reading and watching Rylen, I decided that she loves a schedule, there are good and bad points but the bad points inconvenience us so…

She used to wake up at 6am and this was just too early, I need her to wake up at 6.30am or later so we started giving her breakfast at 6.45am only. So if she woke up at 6, too bad, we play and she eats only at 6.45am.

6.45am or later – Breakfast (fruit puree + cereal or yogurt + cereal or yogurt + banana, you get the idea)

7.15am – trip to the park or playground with dogs

8 am – home

9 am – milk & nap

11 am – she’s usually up, bath & snack (might change the bath to 8.30am actually, just that it means we have to wake up early on our weekends *wail*)

12 nn – lunch (usually brown rice porridge with veg and either chicken, beef or fish blended a bit)

12.30 – just downstairs with the dogs

1.00 pm – Baby TV for 30 mins

2 or 2.30pm – milk

3pm – nap

4.30 pm – she’s usually up

5.00 pm – dinner (homemade purees – veg, carbs and sometimes fish)

5.45 pm – walk with the dogs

6.45 pm – home, watch 30 mins of Baby TV, snack

7.30 pm – bath

8.00 pm – milk and sleep

When she hits 11 months I’ll slowly move her dinner to 6pm with a snack when she wakes up from her PM nap. The aim is to one day have dinner together as a family 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ry’s Schedule at 9 mths

  1. Wa she goes out lots! Wait till she starts walking and she will b pointing at her shoes n hitting the door to go out even when it is not time … It’s way worse than dealing with the sad eyes from the doggies….

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