Cake and Eat It

So I’ve decided… for now, that I will bake Rylen’s cake. However, I would like a messy cake my lil darling can dig into as well without getting sick, now she might suffer from a sugar high (she’s never had additional sugar and candy and never will under my watch unless it’s her birthday cake) and egg whites, most cakes call for egg white, how lah like this? Or should I not care and hope that all the books and all the fuss is nonsense if she just has a little?

Found this but frankly… all of looks like it’ll taste kinda nasty to any normal adult 😦


3 thoughts on “Cake and Eat It

  1. You can try giving Ry a little bit of egg now and see if she has any adverse reaction to it – Sean is completely fine with the whites and yolk so Ry could be too!

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