Snotty Cute Lil Mess

Poor baby girl is still ill. I noticed a cough so I got my Mom to bring her to the doctors and last night/ this morning. She woke up, refused to be put back to bed by her Daddy or Deza. A dose of meds and nasal drops made for a pissed off 10 month old. So we sat down at 3.45am to play with her. Changed her and she peed on the changing table, like a LOT of pee, I know I’ll never learn. So had to wash her up, change her, turned off the AC and I kinda got her back to sleep BUT when she’s feeling all sick and sorry for herself, she wants to be cuddled.

It’s way past 4am, I slept late waiting for the hubba to get home and I haven’t been 100%, I swear I was gonna pass out, so very uncool. I gave in and she slept with us again. My girl can snore! So I had like a 15% of the bed and am still super tired now and I have a dinner event so I’ll be working late today. LOVELY.

Was looking forward to her Kindermusik trial class tomorrow but it seems every single time I sign her up for Kindermusik she falls sick. So erm, I’ll give that school a miss.


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