Sunday Bloody Sunday

Yes that U2 track was playing in my head. See the naughtiness aka Rylen is still a bit sick. There’s the wheezing and the blocked nose and it’s been a week. So it’s been a week since she’s been pretty spoilt and also a week since she’s found her voice.

This was cute (bad video quality, I apologise)

The screaming when she doesn’t  get what she wants is new and frankly made the weekend pretty crappy. Sunday morning, we had plans to take her to the Botanic Gardens BUT at 2am she wakes up, either cos it’s too hot, too cool, too noisy, too whatever, she up, the husband sees to her and nope, WRONG PARENT, WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG PARENT. The screams, I mean, REALLY!! She’s never cried or screamed like that till this weekend. So I take her and all is quiet BUT she’s worked up and neither, singing, milk, patting or kisses will do. So I had to PLAY with her till 4am! Finally she got tired again and went back to bed. So NO Botanic Gardens for anyone.

Then we decided to go to Great World or Tanglin Mall, just to get out of the house and she decided that she did not want to be in her car seat, Deza at the back will not do. So she starts, usually I ignore her when she fusses in her seat and she either shuts up or goes to sleep…. but not today, no, the screams and tears and then the coughs and more SCREAMING and then she vomits!! What in the world!?! Deza takes her out of her seat and tries to clean her up but the screaming continues. So we had to 1. turn back 2. let her sit in front with me for the very first time, so dangerous and 3. wonder what in the world is wrong with her!! Everyone’s like oh maybe she’s tired … bullocks, went home got cleaned up and played and smiled so no, she’s not feeling ill, she wasn’t tired…she’s becoming spoilt. 😦 I will not, did not raise a spoilt, bratty child… she better get better soon and she’ll learn that being cute doesn’t mean she’ll get her way all the time (just sometimes :P).

Oh and I went to my Mum’s after cos they play well together but I had to be IN THE ROOM, WITHIN SIGHT if not the SCREAMS. :(!

This Monday, I wanted to come  to work, sigh.

How was your weekend?


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