#2 Week ?

Was checking out past entries on my weekly pregnancy reports on Rylen and I have to say they were pretty helpful.

I’ll start weekly updates on Lil Deux once I’ve seen the gyne and actually know how old he or she is. I think I’m 8 weeks, really haven’t a clue really but I realised that I can’t suck in my tummy anymore and it’s looking rounder already but I can still kinda fit into my regular pants BEFORE LUNCH :).

I know I wasn’t in a good place with Rylen when I was 8 weeks, my Daddy was very ill, everyone was worried and I had spotting and such bad cramps. Now when I carry Rylen and have to balance her while I pick up something with my toes, I get a little breathless and worry because she’s so heavy but I can’t imagine NOT carrying her, I remember to shift her to the side and I feel better. When she kicks my belly while I’m changing her I tell myself it’s ok cos there’s major padding, so chill. 🙂

BUT, the weird dreams have started, last night it was ohmygawd, GODPARENTS. I want John to be the godfather but he and his girlfriend… I mean I like her a lot but they aren’t engaged or anything, will Lil Deux won’t have a Godma and I was so worried I couldn’t go back to sleep till my alarm rang. Argh.

Week 8 with Ry


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