Funny Lil Girl

Last night I put Ry to bed so that R could go for a run and whoa what an adventure, finally I kinda pinned her down so she couldn’t keep standing and she just laid there looking at me and then grinned and started dancing on her back, it was so funny and reminded me of a very drunk happy Aunt Ames. It lasted for about 5 minutes and then she turned, wedged herself into a corner and zzzz.

This morning I managed to spend 5 mins with her and I looked at her like really looked and oh my goodness it wasn’t a baby starring back at me, I now have a lil girl, I nearly cried.

My Mom rang me this afternoon, Ry took four steps and according to my Mom – she’s won the bet, still pending video footage ahahaha I need proof.

Is it evil that one of the reasons I’m happy she’s turning one is so that I can give her stage 3 formula which is like sooooooooooo much cheaper!! Cos her current formula is costing me about 106 bucks a month and only if I buy it at the chinese medical shop, if I got it from NTUC it’s about 120! Madness and she drinks 3 times a day only.

Now, I really should order a cake for her, just can’t seem to find any creamy cool cakes, I can’t imagine letting her have fondant just yet, plus it’s just not messy enough ;P


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