I want Rylen to have a small birthday do but I also want all the close family members to be there and it does not seem to be possible. Either my brother is out of town the weekend before or R’s sister (Ry’s godma) is out of town on her birthday, I know, I know what’s the big deal but I’d like the cousins to be around, she likes other kids, grumble, what’s party when everyone around you are decades older?!!

Even getting ALL my girlfriends together in proving to be impossible, should I just give up? I need to start learning not to care but aiyah, sooooo frustrating!


4 thoughts on “Grumble

  1. Call ur kiddos friends’ parents… They bother coz they koe 1st bday is a big deal for the bday gal!! Gd luck planning for bday sux boo hoo.. But it will be all worth it…

  2. Haha pls la… I’m sure I’m not ur only one to ur collection? btw grace is due in sep!!! So shocking right…

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