11th Month

Dearest Rylen,

Today you’re 11 months old, you also woke up super early and refused to go back to sleep and now Mommy is a bit of a zombie at work, thanks.

Other than that, you’ve been the most interesting this month so far. At around 10.5 months you decided that it was worth your while to clap your hands and pretty fast you caught up and produced sound and now… you can’t stop. It’s lovely, a big smile, clapping hands, twinkle lil stars and big splashes of water during your bath time, my favourite time with you every evening.

You learnt by yourself apparently how to get off our bed and the sofa, it still makes me freeze and I’m determine to let you do it yourself but I need to have my hand nearby, not that I doubt your abilities or anything :). You’re surprising cautious about walking which caught me by surprise, I thought for sure you’d be one of those reckless, fearless, drunk babies but nope, you rather crawl if you have to walk more than a step without support. You will walk towards us…well more like run and you only want to hold one hand while walking around the house. Sigh, you’re growing up so fast.

You smile when you think you’ve done something funny, when we’ve done something funny, such a sweet gleeful, toothy grin that reaches your eyes. You get so upset when I say NO but I think it’s a ploy. You’ve become such a great hugger and now you kiss too,you just don’t really like to kiss Daddy because he goes into overdrive ahahaha. When we ask you to say Dada – you say Dada and I ask you to say Mama or Mommy… you laugh, sigh. My darling RyBear, I can’t imagine you not apart of our lives, I do miss drinks with ma girls and clubbing but I finally understand why most women have children… most of the time.

Anyways, I really need to get my butt into gear with your lil birthday celebration and I hope you love being the centre of attention.

Hugs and kisses,



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