Wants Friday to COME & GO

I’m happy the long weekend is approaching but I’m not looking forward to Friday. National Day celebrations at work *groan* no fireworks = pointless and then I’m involved in SYOG *double groans* lotsa sun, sweat, swearing (under my breath) and standing…. OH…. WHAT….. JOY…not. Won’t get to see the RyBear till Saturday :(.

Since I’m grumpy mood… it’s an understatement about how awful the YOG song is with the silly hand nonsense but I was listening to Corrinne May’s National Song and I wanted to 1. cry 2. make her stop 3. turn the channel (which I did). I mean I’m not a fan, I don’t think she’s good, her voice is freaking annoying and there’s just one long drawn out whine and people make fun of Britney *pffft*. Corrinne voice, the tone – makes my hair stand and dogs howl in pain, I REALLY CAN’T STAND THE SONG and the BESTEST bit my brother’s in the video (thank goodness in the first few seconds only).



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