#2 Week 11

I think I’m in week 11, so confusing. Anyways, I don’t remember the mood swings nor the nausea (no matter how slight) with Rylen. Could be that I was still gymming and the only exercise I get now are the hour long walks on weekends and the 30 minute ones (most days) with the puppies. I wish I could do more but I’m so tired, I don’t have a quiet roomie anymore 20 minute naps are just not possible. The good thing is that I haven’t put on any weight thus far, I’ve been controlling my diet to a certain extent and I know it would be best that I put on about 10kg this  time round… I know right!! Like uh? I put on about 18kg with Rylen :(, it’s not gonna be easy but that’s the aim.

I’m also not looking forward to telling my bosses at work, sigh, I can only pray that they don’t use it as an excuse like they did last year, I don’t intend to slack and it’s not my fault there was H1N1 last year. Hmph. One of the dudes (still a kid really) I work with, was like ” Hey, why don’t you want to lose weight ah? You used to be chio leh” *rolls eyes* this is gonna be a shock to so many. But you know what, we really love our ‘accidental blessing’ and can’t wait to meet him or her. The timing was a bit off but hey…. the best things in life can’t be planned.

A little more than 2 weeks till we get to see Lil Deux again, before we tell the rest of the family, before Rylen turns 1. My life I have to admit has never ever been boring/ stagnant… looks like it never will be :).


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